Adelle Leonce stars in ‘Anna Karenina’

Adelle Leonce stars in ‘Anna Karenina’


A bold new production of Tolstoy’s well-loved play ‘Anna Karenina’ comes to the Crucible in Sheffield, starting Adelle Leonce in the titular role.

The play marks the first production in the Crucible theatre’s 50th anniversary season year, and is directed by Anthony Lau.

Anna Karenina follows the story of admired but unfulfilled, Russian socialite Anna. Faced with a choice of remaining with her husband to keep her child or risking ruin in the pursuit of passion. The play poses the question: How do we choose to live the one life we have?

An epic masterpiece about desire, duty, and defiance, Anna Karenina promises a universal narrative boldly reimagined to speak to a modern audience.

Anna Karenina will run at the Crucible from Saturday 5th – Saturday 26th February 2022.

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