Adelle Leonce stars in ‘Fool Me Once’

Adelle Leonce stars in ‘Fool Me Once’


Adelle Leonce stars in brand new Harlan Coben adaptation Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once follows Maya Stern, a widow still adjusting to life alone following the shocking murder of her husband when she encounters jaw-dropping evidence that he could still be alive. Fearing for the safety of her infant daughter, Maya installs a so-called “nanny-cam” in her home so that she can keep an eye on her at all times – but playing the footage back, she is startled to see her husband on the recording.

Coben’s thrillers are known for their “double-twists”, so this isn’t necessarily confirmation that her husband survived the brutal attack inflicted upon him – but it certainly raises an awful lot of questions that demand answers.

Fool Me Once is released on Netflix on January 1st 2024

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