Alex Kingston stars in ‘Douglas is Cancelled’

Alex Kingston stars in ‘Douglas is Cancelled’


Alex Kingston stars as Sheila Bellowes in brand new comedy-drama Douglas is Cancelled 

Douglas Bellowes is the greying anchor of the fictional news programme Live at Six. He’s built an enviably successful life with his wife and newspaper editor Sheila, but it all comes tumbling down when he allegedly makes a sexist joke at his cousin’s wedding.

When a fellow guest Tweets about it and goes viral, the Bellowes and the Live at Six team must do their utmost to get ahead of the scandal. That includes Douglas’ younger, sharper co-anchor and self-described “best friend” Madeline. Or does it?

In a karmic twist of fate, Sheila (Alex Kingston) finds herself having to protect her husband from the kind of scandalous allegations she’d usually be amplifying, as the ruthless editor-in-chief of a tabloid newspaper.

Much to the amusement of the Q&A audience, Alex Kingston said she based the character of Sheila on Sue Vertue, the producer of the series who also happens to be Moffat’s wife. Only because she’s “incredibly loving and protective,” she hastened to clarify.

Douglas is Cancelled begins on ITV on June 27th at 9pm and all four episodes will be available on ITVX

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