Alice Lowe stars in ‘Lockwood & Co.’

Alice Lowe stars in ‘Lockwood & Co.’


Alice Lowe stars in brand new Netflix series Lockwood & Co.

The show is set in an alternate London, where spirits flow freely through the streets. At night teens do battle with the ghosts and this eight-part drama series follows heroes Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood and George Cubbins, who run a Psychic Detection Agency called Lockwood & Co.

In Lockwood & Co, England is blighted by a ghost epidemic, which sees ghouls stalk the streets. These supernatural beings have the power to bring death to everyone they meet, except children. 

To fight back against the ghosts a number of agencies have formed and we follow quick-tempered heroine Lucy Carlyle who, after fleeing her troubled past and heading to London to find work as a ghost hunter, sees fate lead her to the door of Anthony Lockwood, the ambitious young owner of a small independent agency trying to compete with a host of large adult-run ghost hunting firms. 

Yet after joining forces with Lockwood and his pal George Cubbins, the extraordinary nature of Lucy’s paranormal talent begins to emerge, leading to the discovery of a dark conspiracy that could change the course of history.

Armed with state-of-the-art tools and bucketloads of courage, the trio faces some of the deadliest hauntings in the capital, as well as fierce competition from their bigger rival agencies. 

Lockwood & Co. is released on Netflix on Jan 27th 2023

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