Antonia Campbell-Hughes directorial debut ‘It Is in Us All’ hits cinemas

Antonia Campbell-Hughes directorial debut ‘It Is in Us All’ hits cinemas


The feature-length directorial debut from Antonia Campbell-Hughes, It Is in Us All, comes to screens.

The actress wrote, directed, and starred in the new film, set in the lush landscapes of Ireland.

The story follows Hamish, (played by Cosmo Jarvis) a businessman returning to Ireland to receive his inheritance in the form of his Aunt’s old cottage. Whilst driving he’s involved in a collision on the road when another car driven by teenage kids crashes into his. Hamish survives, but one teen in the other car is killed.

The shock to his system seems to trigger a rebellion against his father’s domineering ways, and being in the place where his late mother lived encourages him to seek the truth about who she was. He forms an odd attachment to local lad Evan (played by Rhys Mannion), who was also involved in the collision, and their relationship dynamic shifts throughout the story.

Campbell-Hughes has received praise from multiple news outlets for her first feature-length. Variety called it ‘a darkly provocative and promising debut mood-piece from Campbell-Hughes’. Whilst The Guardian called it ‘the work of a director with a real sense of landscape and place’.

Watch the trailer here.

It Is in Us All is out in cinemas on 23rd September 2022.

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