Blake Harrison stars in ‘World on Fire’ S2

Blake Harrison stars in ‘World on Fire’ S2


Blake Harrison is reprising his role as platoon sergeant Stan Raddings in the second series of World on Fire

It’s October 1940 and war is raging over Britain. RAF pilots are sent to destroy German bombers prowling the skies above Manchester, with rescue operations underway on the streets below.

This series again tells the story of World War Two through the eyes of ordinary people and heroes fighting for freedom, going from the war-torn streets of Britain to the horrors of Nazi Germany, the French resistance and brutal battles in the North African desert. In the Sahara the troops are constantly struggling to adapt to a very different kind of combat,  alongside Indian Sappers and Australian Diggers.

The first season ended on quite a cliffhanger, with Harry and Kasia narrowly escaping a Nazi ambush in Poland and being chased by Nazi soldiers, so fans will be keen to find out what became of the pair. Meanwhile Lois had Harry’s baby and the proposal of RAF fighter pilot, Vernon Hunter… 

World On Fire creator and writer Peter Bowker says: “The second season of World On Fire has been a long wait due to a certain pandemic and this makes the beginning of filming especially exciting. It has been a real joy to pick up the story with our inspirational cast, both our established regulars and new and exciting talent who have embraced the show’s scale and ambition. How the conflict played out in North Africa is a fascinating and little explored history and we are aiming to redress that balance with stories of struggle and friendship. Our diverse cast will continue to reflect the global nature of the conflict.”

World on Fire is released on BBC1 and iPlayer on Sunday July 16th

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