Ray Panthaki stars in new chef drama, ‘Boiling Point’

Ray Panthaki stars in new chef drama, ‘Boiling Point’


Adapted from Philip Barantini’s 2019 short film of the same name, and also starring Stephen Graham, Boiling Point expands the original 22 minute short into a 92-minute feature filmed in one unbroken take.

Set in a Dalston restaurant, the film follows head chef and proprietor, Andy, played by Stephen Graham (This is England, Snatch), as he weathers a particularly stressful Friday night service.

The drama tied for the most nominations at the upcoming British Independent Film Awards. It has already converted three of those nominations into wins in the Best Cinematography, Best Casting and Best Sound categories.

Boiling Point is in cinemas now and the original short film is available to watch on Amazon Prime.