Pippa Bennett-Warner stars in ‘Obsession’

Pippa Bennett-Warner stars in ‘Obsession’


New erotic thriller Obsession lands on Netflix this month (an intense four-parter about one man’s growing obsession with his son’s fiancee) starring Pippa Bennett-Warner

The new series is a modern adaptation of Josephine Hart’s novella, Damage, and centres on the love triangle and affair between the enigmatic Anna and her fiancée’s father, William. Soon, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral leading to the question of how long the pair can keep their secret hidden.

Essentially, this new Netflix thriller focuses on one man’s growing fascination with his son’s fiancée, but it’s an affair that’s underlined by forbidden desires and an erotic obsession.

William is Jay’s father and is married to Ingrid, but upon meeting Anna, he is transfixed and embarks on an affair with her, one that is passionate in the ways that other parts of his life aren’t.

The series may be adapted from the original book Damage (which was also adapted as a film in 1992 that starred Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche) but this version is different in the way that it centres Anna’s female perspective on the events that unfold.

The book and film were told through the perspective of the male protagonist, but this version is written and co-directed by women, as well as including a female intimacy coordinator, all in a bid to provide a breadth of female perspective.

Obsession is available on Netflix from April 13th 2023

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