Dolly Wells stars in series two of ‘The Outlaws’

Dolly Wells stars in series two of ‘The Outlaws’


Dolly Wells returns for the second series of The Outlaws!

The season picks from where the dramatic season 1 finale left off – with the group continuing their community service and the police still trying to get to the bottom of who shot Spider.

While the police seemed to believe that it was Ben who shot Spider, the rest of the community service group managed to convince them that any charges would not stand up in court as there were no fingerprints on the gun and the only people who witnessed it were a racist and Ben’s jilted lover.

An official synopsis for the next batch of episodes reads: “Following on directly from the first series, The Outlaws still have time to serve on their sentences – but now they must face the fallout from their actions. If they thought the criminal underworld or the local police were done with them, they are sorely mistaken. The Outlaws must depend on one another while working with unlikely allies to atone for their sins – but can they save themselves without sacrificing their souls?”

The Outlaws begins on BBC 1, June 5th at 9pm