Dolly Wells stars in ‘The Outlaws’

Dolly Wells stars in ‘The Outlaws’


Dolly Well’s in back on our screens in new crime comedy, The Outlaws

Premiering on BBC One on Monday 25th October, the series follows a group of misfits taking part in community service in Bristol.

Renowned actor Christopher Walken (Oscar winner for The Deer Hunter) plays ageing criminal Frank, with Dolly Wells (Doll & Em, Bridget Jones’s Diary) playing his daughter Margaret.

“Merchant has a knack for humanising his characters, no matter how crass they seem on the surface, and he hints at a deeper pain and embarrassment that gives this more heart and warmth than first appears…”

“…It gives each of the criminals a reason to run, and a reason to stay, and crucially, it made me care which route they chose. It may be built on types, but in the end, those types are proving to be a solid foundation.”

The Outlaws is out now and available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer