Harriet Webb stars in ‘Wreck’

Harriet Webb stars in ‘Wreck’


Harriet Webb stars in the new comedy-horror to come to BBC3, Wreck.

The six-part series is a tense thriller, that blends comedy with a side of slasher. Set aboard The Sacramentum cruise ship, it follows 20-year-old new recruit, Jamie, as he infiltrates the 3000 strong crew in a desperate race to find his missing sister. She was working aboard the same vessel on a previous tour and vanished mid charter.

Jamie is initiated into cruise life and gets a crash course on the tribes within the staff: the theatre kids, the mafias and the low-paid workers. For this overworked and underpaid crew, life below deck can be an odyssey of partying and excess, whilst they remain oblivious to the bloodthirsty murders taking place on board. Jamie is forced to turn detective and uncover the sinister truth.

Harriet Webb stars as Karen, alongside Oscar Kennedy as Jamie, Thaddea Graham as Vivian, Alice Nokes as Sophia and Jack Rowan as Danny.

Wreck premieres on BBC3 this Sunday 9th Oct at 9pm. It can also be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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