Hebe Beardsall stars in ‘Geek Girl’

Hebe Beardsall stars in ‘Geek Girl’


Hebe Beardsall stars in brand new Netflix series Geek Girl

The official synopsis for the 10-part series is as follows, “Harriet Manners’ life is turned upside down when she’s thrust into the world of fashion. Tightly wound agents, off-beat designers, impossibly high heels, a cute supermodel with a great smile, Harriet has no idea what she’s in for.”

Based on Holly Smale’s series of books, it revolved around Harriet Manners, a bumbling and often ill-at-ease 16-year-old who tells us via narration that she’s the geek in question. If we weren’t clear on what that might mean, Geek Girl puts up the definition of the word to show us.

Geek Girl is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday May 30th

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