Hebe Beardsall stars in ‘Unforgotten’ Series 5

Hebe Beardsall stars in ‘Unforgotten’ Series 5


The new series of Unforgotten begins this week starring Hebe Beardsall as Cheryl.

And not only is there a fresh case to solve after human remains are found in a house undergoing renovation, but there’s also a new detective leading the team to uncover the identity of the corpse and piece together the mystery of how it got there.

Sinéad Keenan takes the helm of this new season as DCI Jessica James, starting her new job in the shadow of personal family drama that has well and truly upended her life. She attempts to remain level-headed but of course, going into this new team, others are unaware that she is thrown off and not acting entirely like herself.

We see her as she navigates this already close and grief-stricken team as the stoic new boss, after months of interim DCIs have passed through their doors. Sunny admits that “they begged” him to take the role, but you can tell from the season’s first moments that our beloved co-lead is battling with issues of his own.

Unforgotten begins on Monday, February 27th on ITV & ITVX.

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