Hermione Corfield stars in ‘The Road Dance’

Hermione Corfield stars in ‘The Road Dance’


Hermione Corfield stars in new cinematic feature The Road Dance which hits cinemas this week!

The Scottish drama is based on a novel by John MacKay, is set in the wild, craggy cliffs of the Outer Hebrides islands at the beginning of World War I. Young Kirsty (Hermione Corfield) loves her home and family but has always wished for more than a quiet village life. Her ambitions were nurtured by her father, who taught Kristy to be strong and independent. But since his untimely death, she’s struggled to find the means to leave Scotland and see the world. Her town does have a few upsides, though, such as her burgeoning romance with Murdo

Unfortunately, it’s cut short when all the young men are pressed into service to go and fight for Britain in the war. So the town organizes a Cèilidh (party) in the village thoroughfare to see them off, their sorrows and fears forgotten for a moment in music brightly played and rounds of the famous Scotch Whiskey. That night, events play out that destroy the dreams of Kirsty and Murdo, putting a traumatic burden on her.

The Road Dance is out at cinemas nationwide on Friday 20th May

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