Holli Dempsey stars in ‘The Marlow Murder Club’

Holli Dempsey stars in ‘The Marlow Murder Club’


Holli Dempsey stars in new two-part drama The Marlow Murder Club

The brainchild of Death in Paradise screenwriter Robert Thorogood, The Marlow Murder Club follows retiree and crossword creator Judith Potts as she recruits two new friends to help her solve the mysterious death of her neighbour across the Thames.

Thorogood has written three books in The Marlow Murder Club series, with the latest – The Queen of Poisons – hitting shelves in January of this year. The TV series will only cover the first novel, published in 2021, but keep your eyes peeled for other adaptations in the works. 

Speaking to the Free Press in January, Thorogood compared Marlow to St Mary Mead, the fictional home of Agatha Christie’s unassuming elderly sleuth Miss Marple, and described it as the “perfect setting” for cosy crime.

He said: “On the surface, (Marlow) is this perfect chocolate box town with all these wonderful organisations, and the joy is in taking all of that respectability and suggesting that it’s full of nasty, murder-y people.”

the Marlow Murder Club airs on the 6th & 7th March on Drama

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