Ian Conningham stars in ‘Insomnia’

Ian Conningham stars in ‘Insomnia’


Ian Conningham stars in brand new Paramount+ drama Insomnia

Insomnia follows Emma Averill, a successful career woman, wife and mother who starts to suffer from insomnia (sleep deprivation) a few weeks before her 40th birthday. What’s scary is that the exact same thing happened to her mother, who suffered a violent psychotic breakdown on the night of her own 40th. 

Emma’s mother had warned her that she had the same “bad blood” and would suffer an identical fate, so when history starts to repeat itself Emma is terrified for her future. As events worsen, Emma’s world begins to unravel and she realises she must delve into her painful past to find the answers to her present and prevent a second tragedy in the family. 

Insomnia is released on Paramount+ on May 23rd.

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