Iwan Rheon stars in BBC thriller ‘Wolf’

Iwan Rheon stars in BBC thriller ‘Wolf’


Iwan Rheon stars in must-watch BBC1 crime thriller Wolf

Based on the bestselling Jack Caffrey series of novels by Mo Hader, it features a gritty and twisted story plus a top cast.

The six-part BBC1 thriller is from Hartswood Films, the makers of Sherlock, and follows DI Jack Caffery, who’s obsessed with the neighbor he believes murdered his ten-year-old brother in the 1990s. But his story soon collides with that of a wealthy family, the Anchor-Ferrers, who find themselves becoming the victims of a pair of psychopaths and their cruel games.

‘Wolf’ follows young detective Jack Caffery, who’s searching for himself while trying to right the wrongs of others. He remains haunted by the disappearance of his brother when they were children in the 1990s and is convinced that a neighbour killed him. But in his quest to uncover the truth will Jack cross a line?

Meanwhile, the wealthy Anchor-Ferrers family – nervy mum Matilda, her businessman husband Oliver and daughter Lucia – are returning to their Welsh home so Oliver can recuperate from a heart operation. 

But they remain troubled by a murder that previously occurred in the area and when police officers Honey and Molina (Iwan Rheon) turn up with worrying news, a frightening chain of events begins. As Jack heads to Wales to follow a potential new lead about his brother, he becomes caught up in the Anchor-Ferrers’ nightmare. What follows is a nail-biting and deeply disturbing race against time.

Wolf is released on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer on Monday July 31st

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