Jamie Blackley stars in ‘Becoming Elizabeth’

Jamie Blackley stars in ‘Becoming Elizabeth’


Jamie Blackley stars as Robert Dudley in Becoming Elizabeth, the new historical drama focusing on the rise of Elizabeth I.

“Long before she ascended the throne, young Elizabeth Tudor was an orphaned teenager who became embroiled in the political and sexual politics of the English court. The death of King Henry VIII sees his nine-year-old son Edward take the throne and sets into motion a dangerous scramble for power when Elizabeth, Edward, and their sister Mary find themselves pawns in a game between the great families of England and the powers of Europe who vie for control of the country.

“Elizabeth struggles to control her own destiny and take real power as the men around her attempt to claim her sovereignty. Her fascinating and factual journey to secure the crown is filled with scheming, betrayal, and illicit relationships that threaten to bring forth her demise at a time in which every man or woman of the court is on the wheel of fortune, which may take them to a position of great power one moment, or the executioner’s block the next.”

Becoming Elizabeth begins on Sunday June 12th on Starzplay.

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