Jasper Britton & Julia Deakin star in ‘Hijack’

Jasper Britton & Julia Deakin star in ‘Hijack’


Jasper Britton & Julia Deakin star in brand new action thriller Hijack alongside Idris Elba

A flight going from Dubai to London starts off as any does, with long queues, baggage stuff, and tying seatbelts. At the start of the flight, everything is normal. However, over the course of seven hours, things start to change. Gunmen start barging into the different compartments, they take over the cockpit, and Elba’s character is left there staring at all of this in shock. Following all the events of the hijack in real time, this show explores how this one character manages to come forward as the one secretly saving the plane from its tragic end.

An action-thriller through and through, this series follows events in real time. Directed by Jim Field Smith, who also created the series along with George Kay, it is written by Fred Armesto, Adam Gyngell, Catherine Moulton, Kam Odedra and Anna-Maria Ssemuyaba.

Hijack is released on Apple TV+ on June 28th 2023

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