Kelly Campbell stars in ‘Sanctuary: A Witches Tale’

Kelly Campbell stars in ‘Sanctuary: A Witches Tale’


Kelly Campbell stars in brand new AMC drama Sanctuary: A Witches Tale

Based on the Sunday Times bestselling novel Sanctuary written by V.V. James, the show is set in a contemporary world where witchcraft is real. It takes place in the idyllic English town of Sanctuary, where for hundreds of years witches have lived peacefully, as valued members of society. Until now…

At the heart of the story is Sarah Fenn, Sanctuary’s resident witch, on whom the town relies to solve their problems when conventional remedies have failed. When local teen rugby star, Dan Whithall, dies tragically in an apparent accident, his death exposes a terrifying undercurrent of suspicion and fear towards Sarah and her teenage daughter, Harper. Mother of the dead boy, Abigail, once Sarah’s closest friend, is wracked with grief, and to avenge her son’s death, launches a modern-day witch-hunt to get “justice”, no matter what the cost.

Sanctuary: A Witches Tale is available on AMC+ and Sundance Now from January 4th 2024

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