Kerry Howard stars in ‘Black Ops’

Kerry Howard stars in ‘Black Ops’


Kerry Howard stars in brand new BBC comedy Black Ops

Ordinary frontline police community support officers Dom and Kay, who join the Met Police in the hope of cleaning up their community and find themselves tasked with infiltrating a predominantly black gang of villains.

Working undercover, the pair are unwittingly thrust into the murky world of deep cover infiltration as they pose as disgruntled former officers within a powerful criminal enterprise, with the motivations of the DI who sent them in becoming increasingly unclear. Matters take an unexpected turn when the duo are tasked by a gang member with carrying out a grisly task that throws the mission – and their lives – into chaos. This mission is more of a fiasco than Donnie Brasco…

Black Ops begins on May 5th at 9.30pm on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer.

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