Lee Ingleby stars in ‘Screw’ Season 2

Lee Ingleby stars in ‘Screw’ Season 2


crew season 2 is headed to Channel 4 soon starring Lee Ingleby

According to the series producers, the season 2 plot is: “After the tragic events of the season 1 finale, our team of embattled prison officers, led by Leigh Henry, are determined to make a fresh start. 

“But as those behind the cell doors of C Wing know only too well, moving on isn’t always simple. With changes at the very top and fresh faces both on the wing and in the staff room, Leigh’s new bond with Rose — and the secrets they share — will be tested to the limit.

“As the whole team struggles to make a difference to the complicated lives in their care, rumors of an undercover policeman on the wing not only threatens order at Long Marsh, but could blow open a criminal plot involving at least one of our officers. And one way or another, the truth will come out…”

Screw season 2 begins on Channel 4, August 30th at 9pm.

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