Maxine Peake stuns in ITV drama ‘Anne’

Maxine Peake stuns in ITV drama ‘Anne’


Maxine Peake stars in new ITV drama, Anne, about the 1989 Liverpool football tragedy.

On 15th April 1989, thousands of Liverpool football fans flocked to Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield to watch an FA Cup semi-final match. There was a crush in the West Stand, as a consequence of mismanagement by the Police, which resulted in the death of 97 fans. Anne Williams’ son Kevin, who was 15, died that day, and she spent her life dedicated to uncovering what happened.

The four-part ITV series follows the life of Anne Williams’, and her fight for justice for the victims of that day, before her death in 2013.

Maxine Peake (Shameless, Dinnerladies) has received rave reviews after her powerful performance in the drama. The Financial Times called it a ‘heart-rending performance’, The Guardian described it as ‘painful and tender’, saying Peake ‘exudes raw horror’. The Telegraph reviewed Peake’s performance as ‘perfect’ and reported that ‘Those who knew Williams have said that Peake captures her brilliantly’.

“It has been an honour to walk a short way in the character shoes of the mighty Anne Williams”, Maxine said of the role. “A true inspiration, showing us all we must fight for truth and justice wherever it is under attack.”

Writer Kevin Sampson told BBC North West Tonight, “There was only ever one person for it and thankfully Maxine did not even hesitate”. Viewers have rushed to social media to thank her for her portrayal.

Anne is available to watch now on ITV