Nichola Burley stars in BBC1’s ‘The Gold’

Nichola Burley stars in BBC1’s ‘The Gold’


Nichola Burley stars in new BBC drama The Gold

The Gold tells the story of the planning, execution and aftermath of the infamous Brink’s-Mat  robbery and promises to tell the full extraordinary tale for the first time.

The break-in the Brink’s-Mat warehouse on the Heathrow International Trading Estate on  26 November, 1983 started as a ‘typical Old Kent Road armed robbery’ but soon became something much bigger.

The robbers had planned to steal £3.2m in cash, but after gaining entry to the warehouse with the help of a security guard who was in on the plan, found £26m worth of gold bullion and diamonds. Suddenly the not inconsiderable cash robbery became the biggest theft in world history at the time.

The fall-out from the robbery included large-scale money laundering and dirty money which fuelled the London Docklands property boom, and left controversy and murder in its wake.

The series begins on Sunday 12th February on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer

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