Phyllis Logan stars in ‘Guilt’ Season 3

Phyllis Logan stars in ‘Guilt’ Season 3


Phyllis Logan returns to our screens in the third season of Guilt, airing this week

It is with some relish, admits Phyllis Logan, that she is returning to dark comedy thriller Guilt to play the ruthless matriarch of a deeply unpleasant crime family.

“Who wouldn’t want to play Maggie Lynch?” she says, with a laugh.

“I love being part of Guilt. It is pretty twisted, isn’t it? You have to be on your mettle to keep up. Which is good, of course – you don’t want everything handed to you on a plate.”

She adds, warmly: “I cannot praise Neil Forsyth enough, he is a wonderful writer. He has given us such a gift with these characters.”
The show returned too BBC Scotland on Tuesday 25th April for its third and final outing. At the end of the last series, brothers Max and Jake  had made it to Chicago, where they are running a pub.
Guilt begins on Thursday 27th April on BBC2 and BBC iPlayer
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