Poppy Lee Friar stars in ‘My Name Is Leon’

Poppy Lee Friar stars in ‘My Name Is Leon’


Poppy Lee Friar stars as Carol in new feature length drama My Name Is Leon

Adapted into a screenplay by Shola Amoo and directed by Lynette Linton, the series is set in 1980s Birmingham, and tells the uplifting and poignant tale of nine-year-old Leon, a mixed-race boy separated from his blue-eyed baby brother as he was taken into care, who is on a quest to reunite his family.

Told through the young boy’s eyes, the film will follow Leon on his journey full of hope and energy, despite the hardships he encounters, while shining a light on the touching relationship he has with his caring foster mum Maureen.

With his favourite action figure Sergeant Smith in tow, Leon’s adventure teaches him valuable lessons about himself, the world, love, and what family, in its various guises, truly means.

Set against the backdrop of the 1980s race riots, the film will explore issues of identity and belonging with a balance of gritty realism and charming gentle humour.

My Name Is Leon debuts on BBC2 on Friday 10th June at 9pm and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

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