Poppy Miller and Aurora Dawson-Hunte star in ‘Dmitry’

Poppy Miller and Aurora Dawson-Hunte star in ‘Dmitry’


Poppy Miller and Aurora Dawson-Hunte star in Dmitry, a revival of an unfinished play by the great German playwright Friedrich Schiller.

Directed by former Young Vic boss, Tim Supple, the play is set in Russia in 1605. Orthodox Russia stands alone, defiant against the Roman Catholic and Protestant West. The Kremlin has suppressed all opposition and keeps a ruthless grip on power with the support of the church and an appeal to nationalist sentiment. In Poland, a formidable young opponent appears: Dmitry. At his back a Polish army fuelled by fear of the Russian threat marches on Moscow.

Poppy Miller stars as Dmitry’s mother, whilst Aurora Dawson-Hunte plays Marina. They are joined by a stellar cast of Tom Byrne, James Garnon, Piotr Baumann and Mark Hadfield.

Dmitry runs from Thursday 29th September – Saturday 5th November 2022 at Marylebone Theatre. For tickets book here.

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