Poppy Miller stars in ‘The Gathering’

Poppy Miller stars in ‘The Gathering’


Poppy Miller stars in new channel 4 thriller The Gathering

The Gathering’ opens with that violent attack on a teenager at an illegal rave. What follows is a gripping mystery as we jump back in time to witness events that unfold prior to the attack, meeting shady characters from all walks of life, each of whom could be responsible for the brutal assault. 

Kelly – the victim of the attack – is grieving the loss of her mother, while pushing herself to compete in elite gymnastics. Her best-friend Jess soon becomes her rival in both romance and sports, with the pair’s friendship strained when boys, drugs and sex come into the picture. 

Despite their ‘Game of Thrones’ levels of backstabbing, the teenagers don’t have anything on their scheming, toxic parents. The adults in ‘The Gathering’ will stop at nothing to get their children ahead in life.

The Gathering begins on Channel 4 on Tuesday May 14th

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