Rachael Stirling stars in ‘The Divine Mrs S’

Rachael Stirling stars in ‘The Divine Mrs S’


Rachael Stirling stars as Sarah Siddons in The Divine Mrs S at Hampstead Theatre

Drury Lane, 1800. Mrs Sarah Siddons, universally acclaimed as the greatest actress of all time, holds complete sway over public and critics alike. But she is herself subject to direction from the men in her life – her bone-headed brother who runs the theatre and chooses her roles, and her faithless husband who signs her contracts and collects her fees. Siddons decides it’s time become the leading lady of her own life, harnessing her star power as the world’s first female celebrity and taking control of her own destiny – but she reckons without the absurdly comic plot-twists of a life on the stage…

April de Angelis’ hilarious backstage comedy recalls the origins of celebrity culture – before fame automatically granted wealth and power. 

The Divine Mrs S opens at Hampstead Theatre on Friday March 22nd – tickets can be purchased here.

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