Racheal Ofori stars in ‘Spent’

Racheal Ofori stars in ‘Spent’


Racheal Ofori stars in brand new comedy drama Spent

Spent follows Mia, a former catwalk model who is now on the run. Mia is used to the finer things in life but at nearly 40 her career is over, she’s skint and she’s resorted to sofa surfing. We’re told that, “she may have a high falutin’ attitude and a world class skincare regime but Mia’s now living on the breadline”.  Long term it’s a story of personal renewal but for now, the stark reality is that her career is over, she’s flat broke and she’s homeless. This is a woman who despite her humble beginnings has become accustomed, possibly even addicted, to the finer things in life.

Spent begins on BBC Two on Monday 8th July and the full series will also be available on BBC iPlayer

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