Ray Panthaki stars in ‘Boiling Point’

Ray Panthaki stars in ‘Boiling Point’


Ray Panthaki will be reprising his role of Freeman in the new BBC drama Boiling Point which follows on from the hit film of the same name, which was released in 2021.

The series adaptation will pick up six months after the films conclusion, with Carly taking over for her mentor Andy at the London restaurant following his heart attack.

With her old kitchen crew by her side, Carly struggles to keep the restaurant running amidst an economic crisis in the hospitality industry.

The official synopsis concludes: “With the pressure to draw in new, hungry customers and the financial squeeze to keep the business profitable, the team must find a way to manage their complicated personal lives whilst creating quality food day in, day out.”

Boiling Point begins on BBC1 at 9pm on October 1st.

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