Ruby Ashbourne-Serkis stars in ‘Shardlake’

Ruby Ashbourne-Serkis stars in ‘Shardlake’


Ruby Ashbourne-Serkis stars as Alice in brand new drama Shardlake on Disney+

The series follows lawyer Matthew Shardlake in the year 1536, whose life takes a dramatic turn when Thomas Cromwell assigns him to probe a suspicious death at the remote monastery of Scarnsea. As Shardlake delves deeper, he uncovers a world of deception, deceit, and corruption, realizing that the murder is just the tip of the iceberg. Shardlake becomes entangled in a web of lies that jeopardises not only his integrity but also his life.

Shardlake is available to stream on Disney+ from May 1st 2024

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