Ryan Early stars in ‘Party Games!’

Ryan Early stars in ‘Party Games!’


Ryan Early stars in a new touring production of Party Games! 

This is the UK, 2026, John Waggner newly elected leader of the hastily formed centrist One Nation Party presides over a hung parliament, a discontented electorate and striking cheese makers. He and his power-hungry MPs must cling onto authority through whatever shaky means possible. Can one man, a Svengali spin doctor and some dodgy data unite the country? And what role can his wife, the King and a large spider play in keeping the lights on?

Party Games! opens at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford on May 2nd and completes it’s tour on June 29th at Malvern Theatre. Tickers for all venues can be purchased here

To enquire about Ryan for voiceovers, email sophie@deanstreetvoices.com