Sadie Frost makes directorial debut with feature film, ‘Quant’

Sadie Frost makes directorial debut with feature film, ‘Quant’


Actor, producer and former fashion designer, Sadie Frost makes her directorial debut with the documentary, Quant.

Tracking Mary Quant’s rise from a tomboy growing up in the Welsh countryside to the bold designer, that is so synonymous with 60s fashion.

“I wanted to keep her legacy alive because she’s such an amazing woman. She’s done so much for women, so much for fashion,” Frost said of her.

Quant revolutionised women’s clothing, freeing girls from the wares of the 50s and unleashing the miniskirt into the mainstream. And¬†Frost makes a point, within the film, that she was one of the figures behind the global domination of youth culture coming from London’s Kings Road. A style which then traversed the world.

The range of interviews that Frost provides is impressive and illuminating. Stories come from The Kinks’ Dave Davies, supermodel Kate Moss, Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. Designers Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, and Jasper Conran, as well as Mary’s family and peers. They sit alongside dramatic segments acted out by Camilla Rutherford, altogether painting a vivid picture of a nonconformist woman who battled against the older and more restrictive fashion world, she found herself within.

The Evening Standard gave it four stars, “The somewhat modern, Gucci-style editorial fashion clips, as well as occasional dramatised scenes in which Quant is played by Camilla Rutherford, are fun and enjoyably eccentric, blurring the line between fiction and documentary”.

Quant runs for 86 minutes and is showing at the BFI amongst other cinemas.

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