Seána Kerslake stars in ‘Bad Sisters’

Seána Kerslake stars in ‘Bad Sisters’


Seána Kerslake stars in brand new comedy-drama Bad Sisters.

‘Bad Sisters’ has been adapted by Sharon Horgan from the Belgian series Clan and will follow the highs and lows of the five Garvey sisters. These siblings, who were orphaned early, have vowed to always protect one another, no matter how tricky life can get. And we’re sure that such a well-meaning promise can only lead to chaos.  Indeed, the unexpected demise of an in-law raises some intriguing questions. The major sticking point in the Garveys’ lives, is Grace’s controlling, manipulative husband John Paul. When he suddenly dies, flashbacks between the present day and the recent past show how his sisters-in-law loathed him for his treatment of Grace, and how they each also had their own personal reasons for wanting him dead.

Following John Paul’s shocking demise, however, nervy insurance broker Thomas Claffin grows suspicious and, to avoid paying out the huge life insurance policy that would bankrupt his firm, he and half-brother Matthew  investigate the Garveys to see if they had a hand in John Paul’s death. But, although we see the siblings devise increasingly outlandish ways to kill John Paul, did they really commit murder?

The 10 part series starts on Apple TV on Friday 19th August.

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