Steffan Rhodri stars in ‘Fifteen-Love’

Steffan Rhodri stars in ‘Fifteen-Love’


Steffan Rhodri stars in new Amazon Prime series Fifteen-Love

Created and written by Hania Elkington (The Innocents) and produced by World Productions, the company behind Line of Duty & Vigil, Fifteen-Love examines the intense physical and mental pressures of professional sport and what can be lost when you’ll do anything to win.

The story follows Justine Pearce, a dynamic young sports prodigy who had a meteoric rise in the world of Grand Slam tennis. Glenn Lapthorn was Justine’s maverick coach with whom she shared an intense rapport. Together, they reached the semi-finals of the French Open. However, tragedy struck on court, and Justine’s dream of sporting glory was cut brutally short by a devastating injury, which resulted in a shattered wrist and the end of her professional career.

Five years on, now aged 22, Justine is a therapist at her old tennis academy, Longwood, alongside her former physio. It seems like she is finally healed, both physically and psychologically, from her humiliating downfall on the global stage. But when Justine makes an explosive allegation against her former coach, everyone at Longwood is forced to reconsider everything they thought they knew about Justine and Glenn’s past success. 

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