Susan Wokoma stars in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Susan Wokoma stars in ‘Enola Holmes 2’


The long awaited Enola Holmes 2 drops this week, with Susan Wokoma reprising her role as Edith!

When we last saw Enola, she’d said goodbye to Tewkesbury and finally reunited with her mother before Eudoria left again to continue fighting for women’s rights. Now that Enola is under the guardianship of her other brother Sherlock and free to roam London as an amateur detective, the film’s ending set things up for Enola to head on another adventure in the upcoming sequel.

If Enola Holmes 2 is to follow the events of Springer’s second book in the franchise, we’re likely to see Enola discover a hidden collection of charcoal drawings which belong to Lady Cecily, a girl who has recently disappeared without a trace.

Whilst evading capture by her brother Sherlock, Enola will head on a journey to find and save this missing girl without compromising her hidden identity.

Enola Holmes 2 is released on Netflix on Friday 4th November

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