Susan Wokoma stars in ‘Inside No.9’

Susan Wokoma stars in ‘Inside No.9’


Susan Wokoma stars in the brand new and final series of BBC2’s Inside No.9

The first episode of the final season will follow events on an underground train carriage that breaks down in a tunnel, but later entries remain tightly under wraps – including that mysterious last episode.

At  a screening last year, co-creator Steve Pemberton said: “We’re writing series 9 at the moment and, of course, it’s hard because we have done so many ways of telling a story. And so many ways of turning a story on its head, and we don’t want to repeat those.

“We just want to give the audience the biggest surprises and enjoyable half-hour stories. That’s the thing that’s tricky, because by the time we finish we’ll have done 55 [episodes].”

Inside No.9 begins on begins on BBC 2 on Wednesday 8th March at 10pm

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