Susan Wokoma voices ‘Canada’ in ‘Teenage Euthanasia’ Season 2

Susan Wokoma voices ‘Canada’ in ‘Teenage Euthanasia’ Season 2


Susan Wokoma joins season two of Teenage Euthanasia, voicing the role of Canada

Transport yourself to the near-future landscapes of inland Florida as you delve into the latest undead adventures of the quirky Fantasy family in this animated series. Voiced by a talented ensemble cast including Maria Bamford, Bebe Neuwirth, Jo Firestone, and Tim Robinson, prepare for a hilarious and offbeat journey through the lives of these eccentric characters.

In this season, the escapades continue with Uncle Pete, portrayed by Tim Robinson, stumbling upon the discovery of foreskin and forming an unlikely friendship with a mobster’s limo. Meanwhile, Trophy, voiced by Maria Bamford, takes on the role of mayor in Fort Gator and finds a newfound passion in sexual education. Annie, portrayed by Jo Firestone, embarks on her quest to become more than just a two-hour hang and embraces her identity as a teenage doctor. And not to be forgotten, Baba, played by Bebe Neuwirth, steps in to replace a deceased morning shock jock and sets off on a bear hunting adventure. Oh, and there’s also a very charismatic goat thrown into the mix.

Teenage Euthanasia centres around the Fantasy Family, consisting of the sharp-tongued Grandma Baba, her adult children Uncle Pete and Trophy, and Trophy’s teenage daughter, Euthanasia, affectionately known as Annie. The half-hour animated series is brought to life through the creative minds of co-creators Nutting and Levy, with the production handled by PFFR and animation by Atomic Cartoons. With an impressive lineup of executive producers including Lisa M. Thomas, Vernon Chatman, John Lee, Scott Adsit as co-executive producer, and Jo Firestone as producer, this show promises a unique blend of dark humor, bizarre narratives, and unforgettable characters.

Teenage Euthanasia premiers July 26th at midnight on Adult Swim and will be available on Max on July 27th.

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