Tara Summers stars in ‘Spoiler Alert’

Tara Summers stars in ‘Spoiler Alert’


Tara Summers stars in brand new Peacock drama Spoiler Alert 

Based on Michael Ausiello’s best-selling memoir, Spoiler Alert is a heartwarming, funny, and life-affirming story that follows the 14-year love affair between entertainment journalist Michael and his photographer partner, Kit” reads the synopsis. “Through Kit, Michael discovers the family he was robbed of as a child, from Kit’s small-town parents (to their extraordinary circle of Manhattan friends. And while Michael imagines his life unfolding like the plot of one of his favourite romantic comedies, even he can’t predict the twists and turns that will transform and deepen their relationship.

Spoiler Alert is released on Peacock on Feb 3rd 2023.

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