Tom Basden stars in ‘The Last Bus’

Tom Basden stars in ‘The Last Bus’


Tom Basden stars in new Netflix comedy The Last Bus

The show joins a group of school kids on a field trip to the launch of ‘genie orbs’, a new type of robot created by tech billionaire Dalton Monkhouse to clean up the environment. 

But as soon as they are introduced to the world the robots appear to vaporize everyone in the audience. And it seems there have been similar incidents all across the world. The students manage to escape the carnage and make it back to their school bus but they return home to a mysteriously empty world. With no other choice, the determined group sets off on a road trip to find Dalton Monkhouse and demand answers but it’s not going to be an easy ride and they must tackle everything from huge junk monsters to an orb with a vendetta. Can the students save the world from a robot apocalypse? 

Tom Basden plays the teacher Mr Short in The Last Bus. “He’s so earnest and such a keen teacher,” he says. “It was great to be able to play someone who’s not afraid to be uncool and a bit of a tech nerd but also out of his depth – he can’t control the kids and he’s a little bit bullied by them.

All 10 episodes of The Last Bus drop on Netflix on April 1st