Tom Felton & Adelle Leonce star in ‘A Child of Science’

Tom Felton & Adelle Leonce star in ‘A Child of Science’


Tom Felton & Adelle Leonce star in A Child of Science at Bristol Old Vic

n 1978, Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards, and Jean Purdy changed the world as we know it – and most people don’t even know their names.

Bruntwood Prize-winning writer Gareth Farr’s brilliant new play tells their pioneering story, and those of the army of women from all over the UK whose immense bravery helped them achieve the impossible – to create human life in vitro.

Faced with fierce criticism and hostility, and hounded by the media for “playing God”, trials were kept largely under wraps. But their determination to give hope to the thousands of families struggling to conceive eventually led to one of the most remarkable medical breakthroughs of our time: the birth of a baby girl and the creation of IVF, a procedure which has supported the birth of over 12 million babies worldwide over the last 45 years.

A Child of Science opens on June 5th and plays until July 6th. Tickets can be purchased here.

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