William Ash joins the cast of ‘Emmerdale’

William Ash joins the cast of ‘Emmerdale’


William Ash has joined the cast of Emmerdale!

There’s a surprise in store for Cain, played by Jeff Hordley, when his long lost brother Caleb turns up unannounced. However, it’s far from a happy festive reunion as Caleb has lots of difficult questions he wants Cain to answer.  

Caleb’s arrival is set to make things even worse between warring siblings, Cain and Chas, when it becomes clear that Cain has kept Caleb’s existence a secret from her since they were teenagers.  

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw says: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Will Ash to the Village. It’s fantastic to have such a high calibre and immensely talented actor join our wonderful team. Arriving on screen on Christmas Day, Caleb has to undoubtedly be the most unexpected and shocking Christmas gift Cain and Chas have ever received! Calm and in control, rich and successful, at first glance Caleb is everything his brother isn’t, but will the pair find they have more in common than they thought? What secrets from the past will come back to haunt them and how will the rest of the family react when Caleb strolls into town? His arrival certainly promises to shake things up for the Dingles and make 2023 start off with a huge bang!”

Will is set to make his Emmerdale debut on December 25th 2023 on ITV

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