Anna Maxwell Martin stars in ‘A Spy Among Friends’

Anna Maxwell Martin stars in ‘A Spy Among Friends’


Anna Maxwell Martin stars in new ITV thriller, A Spy Among Friends.

The eight-part series is a dramatised version of the true story of Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby, two Cold War spies that were friends, before one was found to be a Soviet double agent. It has been adapted from the New York Times Bestseller, A Spy Among Friends, by Ben Macintrye.

The show is ‘a story of intimate duplicity; of loyalty, trust and treachery. Philby’s deeply personal betrayal, uncovered at the height of the Cold War, resulted in the gutting of British and American Intelligence.’

Anna Maxwell Martin joins a star-studded cast of Damian Lewis, Guy Pearce, Stephen Kunken, Monika Gossmann, and Lucy Akhurst.

Watch the trailer here:

A Spy Among Friends can be streamed on ITVX from 8th December 2022.

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