Anna Maxwell Martin stars in the ‘Motherland’ Christmas Special

Anna Maxwell Martin stars in the ‘Motherland’ Christmas Special


Anna Maxwell Martin returns to our screens in the new Motherland Christmas Special 

The one-off special is set to be as chaotic as the Christmas period usually is. As the synopsis reads: “School’s out for the festive season, so the mums (and Kevin) are busy prepping for the ultimate in blended Christmas celebrations.

“It’s a full house at Julia’s with an invasion of grandparents demanding endless cups of tea as they play with a VR headset Paul bought ‘for the kids’. Julia has invited Kevin along too after learning his alternative was turkey crisps from the hotel vending machine with the other divorced dads.

“Kevin excitedly offers to whip up a full-on Persian feast. Liz also turns up when her ex falls asleep on a train following a massive Christmas Eve bender, letting her down on his first ever offer to host. Meanwhile, Amanda is spending Christmas Day with Johnny, the kids and Johnny’s new wife Tamara. Which is fine. Really fine. It’s fine.”

Motherland Christmas Special airs on December 23rd on BBC1 at 9.30pm

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